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Where is the trust?

A lot has been written about the advice gap; the five million or more lost souls struggling to find financial advice. The industry assumption is that this is due to dwindling numbers of advisers yet this masks a bigger issue – trust. Despite all the regulation and changes in the industry a recent YouGov survey […]

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Be calm and creative when dealing with customer complaints

The comment sections of online newspapers and social media always make interesting reading if you want to take the nation’s collective pulse or marvel at the outlandish opinions of people hiding behind their online identities. This new breed of citizen journalists are also not shy in criticising commercial companies through the comment sections of online […]

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Universities are mistaken if they think that MOOCs are an easy recruitment tool

The world’s top universities have embraced them with vigour and they are helping bring online learning to a truly global audience, the humble MOOC (massive open online courses) is coming of age. Being led by some of the top US Ivy League institutions, it’s clear they signal some profound changes for parts of the traditional […]

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Personal data harvesting – intrusion or time capsule?

A colleague of mine (Alistair Scott’s recent blog) really likes his gadgets. He revels in what new technologies can do and embraces the Googleisation of our lives and how we behave. Not too long ago he told me how Google had worked out where in London he and his friends were going out one night […]

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Rule your gadgets, don’t let them rule you!

This blog appeared first on My first PR boss would often tell us how, as a junior account exec working in a PR firm in the early 90s, one of his key roles was to stand over a fax machine ensuring that press releases made it to journalists. This involved carefully laying each page […]

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Have we lost the art of communication?

While watching my latest TV addiction, Posh Pawn , on Channel 4 last night I was surprised to see that, the chief executive of Prestige Pawnbrokers, the kings of pawning luxurious and costly objects in cash-strapped Britain, didn’t have a smart phone. His long-suffering PA was not slow in offering her opinion on what she […]

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Global PR Converges In The Digital Age

Senior directors from over 25 owner managed PR agencies across the world assembled in London last week for the annual meeting of the International Public Relations Network (IPRN). IPRN was formed in 1995 and is now the world’s largest independent agency network. It has members in over 30 countries and collectively generates an annual fee […]

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How to win followers and influence people: The ‘social’ principle of social media

Somewhere in the world, right now, someone is delivering a presentation on ‘principles of social media’ that features a stock photo of a megaphone. I’m sure you know the kind. They’re instantly recognisable: A person, usually in business attire, happily shouting (or possibly singing) into a megaphone. The slide is more often than not entitled […]

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Playing the long game

So less than a season after being appointed, David Moyes is RIP at Manchester United. As a Chelsea supporter all too familiar with the managerial merry-go-round, I find it hard to believe that United have made a decision so swiftly – did he get a fair crack of the whip or was he doomed from […]

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Will London Live herald a new era for regional TV?

In an age where we access news and entertainment in a number of ways, is there really a market for yet another local TV station? As a fast-paced PR agency with clients ranging from fashion experts to fund managers, the way we monitor the news agenda has changed considerably over the last five years.  When […]

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