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Rule your gadgets, don’t let them rule you!

This blog appeared first on My first PR boss would often tell us how, as a junior account exec working in a PR firm in the early 90s, one of his key roles was to stand over a fax machine ensuring that press releases made it to journalists. This involved carefully laying each page […]

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Have we lost the art of communication?

While watching my latest TV addiction, Posh Pawn , on Channel 4 last night I was surprised to see that, the chief executive of Prestige Pawnbrokers, the kings of pawning luxurious and costly objects in cash-strapped Britain, didn’t have a smart phone. His long-suffering PA was not slow in offering her opinion on what she […]

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Global PR Converges In The Digital Age

Senior directors from over 25 owner managed PR agencies across the world assembled in London last week for the annual meeting of the International Public Relations Network (IPRN). IPRN was formed in 1995 and is now the world’s largest independent agency network. It has members in over 30 countries and collectively generates an annual fee […]

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How to win followers and influence people: The ‘social’ principle of social media

Somewhere in the world, right now, someone is delivering a presentation on ‘principles of social media’ that features a stock photo of a megaphone. I’m sure you know the kind. They’re instantly recognisable: A person, usually in business attire, happily shouting (or possibly singing) into a megaphone. The slide is more often than not entitled […]

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Playing the long game

So less than a season after being appointed, David Moyes is RIP at Manchester United. As a Chelsea supporter all too familiar with the managerial merry-go-round, I find it hard to believe that United have made a decision so swiftly – did he get a fair crack of the whip or was he doomed from […]

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Will London Live herald a new era for regional TV?

In an age where we access news and entertainment in a number of ways, is there really a market for yet another local TV station? As a fast-paced PR agency with clients ranging from fashion experts to fund managers, the way we monitor the news agenda has changed considerably over the last five years.  When […]

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Rolling News Heralds the News Jacking Era

The Budget is always a red letter day in a  PR consultant’s calendar as the media wait eagerly for a flurry of incisive comments  on the contents of the Chancellor’s speech predicting  the ensuing impact on  the future wealth and prosperity of the nation. The race to be first past the post to issue a […]

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The need for speed

The death of Bob Crow this week emphasised just how fast publications have become at breaking news online, and how fierce the competition is to be the first to publish a story. One of my eagle eyed colleagues spotted the news on the TV, and only a few moments later the story was showing online. […]

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Why won’t press releases die?

A few months ago executive director of government communications Alex Aiken said the press release was dead and that issuing press releases was just tele-sales. He has a point, the press release has been with public relations for a long time – since 1906 in fact when Ivy Lee, probably the founder of public relations, […]

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Beware the media maelstrom

Organisational culture by its very nature breeds a degree of arrogance and superiority. Many an organisation quite rightly spends a hefty budget on team building, boosting morale – and various other institutional manifestations of chest-beating. We all want to feel good about where we work and the company wants staff to be productive, but when faced […]

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